Monday, July 25, 2011

Moon Dough Disaster

My toddler received Aquadoodle for her third birthday—she loved it, and it’s mess-free and fun.  You fill up the “pen” with water, and it turns the white mat blue wherever you touch it with the pen, like a marker.  After awhile, the water dries and your child can start doodling anew. 

Inside the box was a free sample of Moon Dough.  It was a rainy day, and I thought, “Why not let her play with the Moon Dough?”

Bad idea.  Moon Dough is not as gooey as clay, silly putty or Play-Doh.  It’s crumbly, dry and gets on the carpet, your hands and everywhere.  I’ve had to use the DustBuster more than usual today, and I’m still finding traces of it everywhere.  It made my hands turn blue when we were first trying it out, and stuck to my hands like a thin paste.  Granted, this was a free sample, but I’d caution anyone who actually buys it.  The kits come with little molds, and I will say to Moon Dough’s credit, it does press into the molds pretty well.  It’s the crumbly mess that’s the issue.  Moon Dough is made in Sweden.  I guess they should stick to making Saabs.

My daughter likes it; she calls it “cookie dough.”  “Please can we make some cookie dough again?” she just asked me.  Well, the answer will have to be ‘no,’ since I’m going to throw it out soon.  Mom gets to over-rule.

My review is simple:  Aquadoodle = Good.  Moon Dough = Bad.  

Here's a photo of the messy moon dough, complete with carpet fibers because it got on the carpet....